Shavonna Holman

Omaha Public Schools Board of Education

With your vote, I can continue to lead and serve through Honesty, Integrity, and Experience.

-Shavonna Holman

High Ability Learners

  • Ensuring that different strategies, outside of using assessments which are appropriate to the services provided, are used to identify students with high learning abilities
  • Increased professional development and training for regular classroom teachers to work with high ability learners
  • Increased efforts in providing alternative education programming/opportunities for the underachieving, high ability learner

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Early Childhood Education

  • Highly qualified teachers offering mentoring, coaching and professional development specifically geared toward effective instructional strategies for young children
  • Research based curricula aligned with P-12 standards
  • Focus on early literacy skills and development
  • Expansion of programming through increased coordination and collaboration

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Teacher Recruitment and Retention

  • Increase outreach and recruitment efforts
  • Focus on mentoring, training efforts and leadership support from building and district administration
  • Emphasis/expansion of “Grow our Own” recruitment process

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